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2022 JCI Asia and the Pacific Conference

2022 JCI Asia and the Pacific Conference

  • $ 10000

Once in a Lifetime Opportunity 

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~Treasure This Moment~

As Asia’s emerging countries have experienced remarkable development and increased attention as the center of the global economy, the coronavirus pandemic has impacted our lives and accelerated division. To overcome this challenge, we must focus on enhancing domestic economies, develop international relationships and promote private-sector diplomacy through mutual understanding and cooperation.

JCI ASPAC SakaiTakaishi will enable each participant, through the proactive sharing of information and ideas and collaboration of multiple cultures, to draw a line of progressive growth to a bright future. JCI members will connect and share moments that will soon be treasured as the starting point of sustainable change and community-building innovations.

As we approach the “New Normal,” we will continue to advance toward the realization of everlasting World Peace and the creation of a safe and secure global community. Through the spirit of “Once in a Lifetime Opportunity” and traditional tea ceremonies, JCI members will build strong partnerships and mutual understanding that will last them a lifetime.